Tetrex® 5000

    Tetrex® 5000

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    Proprietary material designed to enable increased performance in High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) applications. Tetrex® 5000 is a high creep-resistant PEEK material which provides outstanding chemical resistance to acids, caustics, sour gas, and hydrocarbons. The Tetrex® 5000 material is ideal for improving seal performance in demanding Oil & Gas drilling and completion applications including geothermal, steamflood/SAGD, high H2S environments, and applications requiring high temperature performance.

    Value for the Customer

    • Higher Tg (glass transition temperature), + 40° F higher than Virgin PEEK
    • Broad application temperature range
      from –75° F to 600° F (–60° C to 315.6° C)
    • Excellent Creep Resistance at high temperatures
      and high pressures
    • Low stress material minimizes springing effects
    • Best in class chemical resistance
    • Certified resistance per API 6A sour gas testing
    • Superior material performance within steam applications up to 600° F (315.6° C)
    • Flame Retardant (UL94V0 standards)

    Tetrex® 5000 Properties
    Temperature Capability ° F
    ° C
    –75° F to 600° F
    –60° C to 315° C
    ASTM D 2240, Shore D
    Tensile Strength (psi) 17,477
    Tensile Elongation (%) 9
    Heat Deflection Temp 345° F
    Glass Transition Temp (Tg) 329° F
    Flexural Strength (psi) 27,555
    Flexural Modulus (psi) 692,626
    Compressive Modulus (psi) 636,901
    Compressive Strength (psi) 11,384
    Material Color Black
    Material Qualification API 6A FF/HH

    Market Applications

    • Downhole Tools (Static & Dynamic)
    • HPHT/SAGD applications
    • Geothermal completions
    • Wellhead seals
    • PEEK electrical connectors
    • Seal stacks
    • MWD and LWD components
    • Valve stem packing
    • Ball Valve Seat

    TETREX® 5000 Temperature Test


    The photo shows FOGT’s Tetrex® 5000 (on left) and Virgin PEEK (on right) after exposure to 750° F for 10 minutes on a hot plate. Tetrex® 5000 did not melt and did not show distortion of the material, unlike Virgin PEEK which showed significant damage to the material.

    Tetrex 5000 Creep Properties at 200° C


    Creep testing was conducted using a tensile specimen at 10 MPA at 200° C. Tetrex® 5000 recorded the lowest creep rate among samples tested. 

    Tetrex® 5000 Extrusion Performance

    Tetrex 5000 Extrusion Performance

    To evaluate extrusion resistance on backup rings, a standard backup ring was tested under high temperature and pressure. Tetrex® 5000 showed higher extrusion resistance than Virgin PEEK and PAEK-HT materials.

    The results showed Tetrex® 5000
    outperformed PAEK and Virgin PEEK..

    Properties Tetrex® 5000 Tetrex® 4000
    Temperature Capability –75° F to 600° F
    –60° C to 315° C
    –75° F to 500° F
    –60° C to 260° C
    Tensile Strength (psi) 17477 14300
    Tensile Elongation (%) 9 70
    Glass Transition Temp (Tg) 329° F 289° F
    Heat Deflection 345° F 306° F

    Listed values are nominal values based on testing performed by FO&GT in accordance with industry testing standards and are subject to change. Freudenberg assumes no liability for the suitability of the material selection determined with regard to the specific application intended by the customer.

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