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Artificial Lift


Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global solutions provider of innovative seal solutions and differentiated products to the global oil and gas industry. We serve a wide range of customers including oil and gas producers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and engineering and service companies which utilize our technologies, products and services for producing oil and gas from land-based and offshore platforms throughout the world.

Within artificial lift, or enhanced oil recovery applications, our products and technologies are reducing lifting costs through the incorporation of next generation materials, like our Gazguard elastomers, and through improved seal designs; allowing downhole equipment to last longer. Incorporation of our Unitized Seal-lok or proprietary compact flanges, are allowing operation in higher pressure and temperature environments, exceeding 600 F and 20K psi. On the surface, our dynamic ball joints are being utilized to connect the wellhead to flow lines where it’s required to reduce pipe stress in systems that develop high bending loads due to thermal and/or mechanical movement, as seen in steam flood or SAGD applications.

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