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Petroleum Elastomers

Our Petroleum Elastomer products serve a wide range of applications in the upstream oil and gas market; from BOP pressure control products to wellhead and completions technologies, our range of elastomers meet the demanding requirements of the industry.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies utilizes in-house capabilities in developing elastomer compounds, for mixing of material and in manufacturing finish products. This ensures the highest quality of components and full traceability from component to finished product. Our global manufacturing footprint combined with our sales and service facilities located in key regional markets, allows us to provide local product and inventory support for our customers. 

Full range of materials

Our extensive portfolio of proprietary elastomeric compounds includes natural rubber, nitrile (NBR), hydrogentated butadiene (HNBR), FKM and FFKM compounds. GAZGUARD Ã??Ã?® is our patented RGD-resistant, Norsok compliant compounds.

Products and Applications

Pressure control:
Our WellProtek annular elements are 16A licensed and meet or exceed original equipment requirements as required in API 16A, 16AR and 53S standards. We also offer API 16A tested and temperature rated Ram style products and seal kits.

Engineered Seals and Custom Molded Solutions
FO&GT's extensive product line of S, FS and T seals utilizing our Gazguard compounds enable our customers to operate in extreme environments. Our global manufacturing capabilities combined with our in house material and applications expertise, allows us to provide customized sealing solutions for our customers. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Extensive sizes and material types for S-seals, FS-seals, T-seals and O rings
  • V-rings and seal stacks
  • Cement plugs
  • Custom molded solutions utilizing FO&GT's proprietary materials and manufacturing processes including liner hanger seals, cementing products, wipers, packer elements and bonded seals




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Advanced Thermoplastics


Upstream applications are encountering higher temperatures and pressures along with more chemically aggressive conditions. This makes high performance plastics a good material fit with chemical, electrical, abrasive wear, hydrolysis, and temperature resistant properties.

We utilize engineered designs, advanced manufacturing, product and material testing, material development, prototyping, and custom molding and machining of high performance plastics to provide our customers with robust solutions.


  • Tetrex® 5000
  • Unitized Seal-Lok™ proprietary bi-directional seal
  • Engineer-Designed Sealing Solutions
  • Custom Solutions and Prototyping Parts
  • Seal Stacks
  • Back up Rings


Full range of materials

Many thermoplastics offer great chemical and temperature resilience. Due to their solidity, they also have ideal properties where mechanical strain is concerned. 

Custom and standard solutions are available in a wide range of high-performance plastics, including:

  • Tetrex® PEEK-injection molding, billets, in-house
  • All PTFE molded in-house
  • Engineering staff available to make recommendations on material for your sealing challenge

Our team works with you to ensure the proper selection for needed applications, with engineering resources available to design custom solutions for your needs.

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