Subsea Tooling

Subsea Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Tooling

During subsea connections, tooling is required to carry out various tasks associated with making up the connection. These tools include seal face cleaning tools, seal replacement tools, lifting tooling, pigging tooling and other dedicated tools. Each tool allows the ROV to carry out specific tasks.

FO&GT has supplied various types of tooling on a number of projects to date. These tools range in size from 2” bore through to 36” bore and used in water depths to 2,530m (8,300’). Each tool is designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible, which allows the ROV to use larger sizes of tool without the need for lifting assistance or buoyancy. Tooling provides an important function during the installation and operation of subsea equipment.

Available Subsea Tooling

Dual Seal Installation & Cleaning tool

The tool shown in the picture is a dual tool is for a 36” connection, which has one side that carries out seal face cleaning activities and the other side that removes / replaces the sealring (Duoseal). This tool was operated by landing it down onto a guide post  feature on the Optima® connector. The ROV then carried out the operations via hot stab connection. This tool was successfully operated on the Polarled Project in 1,265m water depth.

Tool Baskets

These are structural items that are used to transport the subsea ROV tooling both onboard the vessels and also to transfer the tools to the sea bed for subsea operations. The ROV will collect tools from the basket and return them once operations for that tool are complete. The tool basket shown was supplied for the Polarled Project and carried various tools for the 36” Optima® Connections including debris caps, dual tool (as shown above), torque tool, shifting tools plus other ancillary tools. Tool baskets are also fitted with buffers to prevent damage during lifting operations and also tie down points for sea transport to prevent the basket moving in rough seas.

Pressure and Flooding Caps

These are either short term caps that are designed to be full pressure retaining items that use elastomeric seals to seal in the bore, which are used typically for up to 6 months. The other is the Long Term Pressure Cap, which uses an Optima® connector and a blind hub equipped with a Duoseal™. These can be left permanently installed subsea and they use FO&GT proprietary metal-to-metal sealrings. Pressure and flooding caps are fitted with test ports via hot stab connections for seal testing purposes. They are also fitted with ports via valves into the bore for pressure equalization and flooding of the bore with either chemicals or sea water. These caps can also be fitted with position transponder locations to facilitate measurement operations of the hub positions for rigid jumper fabrication.

Drive Bucket Plugs

A drive bucket plug is an FO&GT patented device that is simple in construction and operation that can prevent the square drive in the drive bucket turning due to vibration loads from either flow/vortex induced vibration or from seismic events. The plug is inserted into the bucket once the torque tool has been removed. It locates onto the square drive and prevents it from rotating by reacting via the torque reaction slots in the drive bucket. Additionally, the plug also prevents silt, dropped objects and marine growth from blocking up the drive bucket.  The plug is designed to fit into any API/ISO drive bucket (specials upon request) and can be used for other applications, such as on valves. They require no tooling for operation, and the ROV simply pushes them into the drive bucket. They have been used on a number of projects, including in-water depths up to 2,530m (8,300’).

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Available downloads:

  • Subsea Tools

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD


Available downloads:

  • Subsea Tools

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD

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