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“Customer-first” AlignLok HPHT Online Test

“Customer-first” AlignLok HPHT Online Test

The Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies High Integrity Connectors (HIC) Team in Port Talbot, Wales, UK recently put to practice their “Customer-First” mindset in an innovative way. The current COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed progress on the team’s ability to demonstrate the rigorous inspection and testing of a new mis-alignment flange being developed, named the AlignLok HPHT, to customers as part of the required next steps in the qualification process of the development. Despite travel, country, and site restrictions for visitors, and with the safety of our associates uppermost in mind, the HIC Team recently leveraged video capability in FO&GT’s state of the art pressure and test facility in Port Talbot to conduct a successful online testing demonstration of the new, 8-inch (20.32 cm) AlignLok HPHT assembly in A182-F51 material. The seal ring being used in conjunction with the AlignLok HPHT is Alloy 725 with a silver coating.
The testing demonstration was designed to meet the customers’ rigorous operating conditions of 5,221 PSI at 50 °C (122 °F). Numerous tests were conducted including, but not exclusively, a back-seal test at 3,626 PSI, a hydrotest at 9,399 PSI, and a submerged gas test at 6,266 PSI. Tests were being undertaken at angles of 0° and 10° to ensure conformance at all extremes of alignment make up.  

The HIC Team successfully conducted the testing via video streaming in accordance with API-6A and API-17D. Following the testing demonstration of the AlignLok HPHT prototype, it was agreed by the client, the operator, and the Independent industry-renowned testing body, that FO&GT can now undertake the required testing via remote witnessing with the test being relayed via live feed video to Newfoundland, where this product will eventually go into service. The final qualification tests are due to start immediately upon final approval of documentation.

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