FFKM 0130OGT HPHT Advanced Elastomer


    FFKM 0130OGT HPHT Advanced Elastomer

    Designed to offer excellent chemical resistance to acids, caustics, sour gases, and hydrocarbons with a broad temperature range, FFKM 0130OGT provides excellent compression set and mechanical properties at extreme temperatures.

    FFKM 0130OGT has excellent chemical resistance in a wide range of harsh chemicals. Its resistance against rapid gas decompression (RGD) makes FFKM 0130OGT a perfect match for high pressure and temperature applications.

    Value for the Customer

    • Wide operating temperature range from –6° C (21° F) to 250°C (482° F)
    • Excellent chemical resistance in many harsh chemical environments (e.g., caustics, strong acids, sour gases)
    • Excellent Extrusion resistance
    • Excellent RGD (Rapid Gas Decompression) resistance
    • Certified per API6A to FF/HH classification

    RGD Resistance: Test Results
    Temperature Capability ° F
    ° C
    –21° F to 482° F
    –6° C to 250° C
    Norsok M-710 rev 3 Score 0: No Internal cracks
    Score 0: No Holes
    Score 0: No Blisters

    Market Application

    • Downhole Tools (Static & Dynamic)
    • HPHT/SAGD applications
    • Wellhead components seals


    • Packer elements
    • Seal stacks
    • V-rings
    • S-seals
    • O-rings
    • Custom profiles

    Physical Properties

      FFKM 130
    Hardness (Shore) ASTM D 2240, Shore A 90
    Tensile Strength (psi) 3439
    Temperature Range in ° C –6° C to 250° C
    Temperature Range in ° F 21° F to 482° F
    Compression Set (%) 70h at 204.5° C (400° F) per ISO 815-B / ASTM D 395 23
    Elongation (%) 91
    Color Black

    Listed values are nominal values based on testing performed by FO&GT in accordance with industry testing standards and are subject to change.  Freudenberg assumes no liability for the suitability of the material selection determined with regard to the specific application intended by the customer.

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