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    Our products are enabling renewable solutions


    Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global solutions provider of innovative sealing solutions and differentiated products to the energy industry including oil and gas, renewables and alternatives. We serve a wide range of customers including energy producers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and engineering and service companies which utilize our technologies, products and services to efficiently produce energy around the world.

    Within alternative energy, our proprietary line of high integrity clamps, metal seals and flange connectors can be utilized to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective clamping solutions for nuclear, hydrogen, biomass, geothemal, tidal and wind energy applications.

    For concentrated solar applications, our BlueSky dynamic ball joints maintain joint integrity while the solar panels move to maximize exposure to the sun’s rays.

    Within geothermal applications, our proprietary WellProtek™ BOP sealing solutions enable certified performance up to 350°F. In completing geothermal wells, we have developed proprietary elastomers, including FKM and FFKM materials, and our patented Unitized Seal-Lok® design, which can be incorporated into completion product designs requiring ultra-high temperature capabilities up to 600°F.

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    How do our products make renewable energy production more efficient?



    Harsh offshore environments require quick-opening and closing high-integrity connectors like our Tidal Turbine Connector to maintain structural integrity and performance.



    Our engineered flanges can be used on turbine towers, foundations and nacelle areas in onshore and offshore wind farms. These low-maintenance flanges offer significant weight and space savings over conventional flanges and reduce bolt retentioning requirements.



    Our BlueSky dynamic ball joints are used in concentrated solar plants to enable the daily movement of parabolic mirrors as they chase the sun. Flexible and low maintenance, these connectors save you replacement downtime and money. Their internal high-integrity seal prevents leakage of circulating fluids to the environment.



    Our patented Unitized bi-directional seal, The Ultra annular and certified ram-style products, and static connectors are particularly suited for extreme HPHT applications such as geothermal drilling and completions.



    Biomass operations can include functions ranging from the generation of electricity through the creation of steam to the distilling of biofuels. These plants face the same sealing challenges as traditional steam/electricity power generators and petrochemical distillate refineries. FOGT connectors, clamps, metal seals and ball joints have been used in these fields for decades. Our patented solutions enhance plant safety, reliability, and efficiency.



    The production, transportation, and distribution of liquified and gaseous hydrogen presents unique challenges due to factors such as temperatures, pressures, and molecule size. FOGT metal seals, compact flanges, and connectors are field-proven to successfully operate at extreme temperatures and pressures while virtually eliminating flammable fugitive emissions.



    In the nuclear industry, safety is paramount. Whether you are employing our engineered flanges, connectors, metal seals, or powered connectors, FOGT high-integrity connectors provide the reliability and safety that is demanded for use in both the reactor and bulk of plant applications.

    Our Products Enabling Renewable Energy

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