WellProtek Annular Packing Unit

WellProtek Annular Packing Unit

Certified Performance meeting API 16A, 16AR requirements

WellProtek™ is FO&GT's line of API-16A licensed* annular packing units. All units are Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) before shipment, stamped with the official API Monogram® and shipped with full documentation in compliance with API-16A requirements.

Our WellProtek™ units utilize proprietary elastomers, products of FO&GT's material development and engineering expertise. Through extensive testing, our compounds show superior Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance and extended durability and performance.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global provider of innovative sealing solutions and differentiated products to the upstream oil & gas industry, including metal-to-metal, advanced thermoplastic and elastomeric sealing solutions. Our commitment and dedication to develop market leading technologies and supported with in-house product verification testing, is featured with the successful introduction of the WellProtek™ API-16A licensed and 16AR compliant annular units.


  • Manufactured in our Q1 and API16A accredited facility
  • Meets or exceeds original equipment requirements per API 16A and 16AR requirements
  • Fully tested, design verified, and supported by traceable documentation in accordance with API-16A specifications
  • Utilizes FO> proprietary elastomer compounds, qualified to NORSOK RGD standards
  • Tested and qualified to F-A temperature ratings according to pending API-16A 4th edition, and API 16AR temperature classification requirements
  • Available worldwide through our global sales and service facilities

WellProtek™ vs OEM Annular Packing Units

Tested to 115% of API fatigue test target*

Design verification performance testing in accordance with API-16A requirements were third party witnessed and included: 

  • Sealing characteristics testing

    This test determines the piston closing pressure necessary to maintain a seal as a function of wellbore pressures up to full rated working pressure of the blowout preventer.

  • Fatigue testing

    This test simulates closing and opening of the blowout preventer once per day. Testing simulates wellbore pressure testing from 200 psi to 300 psi once per week for one year of service.

  • Packer access testing

    This test determines the ability of the blowout preventer to undergo repeated packer changes without affecting operational characteristics. This test shall be accomplished by obtaining access to the packing unit and performing a wellbore pressure test every 20th packing unit access.

  • Stripping life testing

    This test determines the ability of the annular packing unit to maintain control of wellbore pressure while stripping drill pipe and tool joints through the closed packing unit without exceeding a leak rate of 4 liters/min. (1gal/min).

  • Temperature testing

    This test verifies the performance of non-metallic seals and molded sealing assemblies used as pressure-controlling and/or pressure-containing during exposure to low and high temperatures.

API-16A  Product Testing Requirements

* With the exception of stripping test, the acceptance criterion for all tests to verify pressure integrity was zero visible leakage.

WellProtek™ meets or exceeds all API industry standards

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WellProtek™ API-16A licensed size range

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Other non-API monogrammed FO&GT annular sizes and material options are available. Please contact a Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies sales associate for more details or reference the FO&GT BOP parts list which is available for download.

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  • Gazguard HNBR775 H2S Certification

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  • WellProtek Annular Packing Unit

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  • WellProtek Customer Data Package - 13 5/8"

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  • WellProtek Customer Data Package - 11"

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  • Elastomer Storage Guidelines

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  • BOP Products

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  • BOP Products : Size Chart

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