Vector Powerlok Closure

Vector Powerlok Closure

Metal-to-metal sealing closures for in-line cleaning and inspection

Designed using the same technology as Vector Techlok, Vector Powerlok ® Closures are commonly used as man-way or cleaning closures. The time-proven Techlok seal provides a strong, reliable metal-to-metal seal that can be used in all environments.

Vector Powerlok closures have been designed for working pressures up to of 15000psi, with higher pressures possible by custom design. The standard Vector Powerlok design utilizes either single or twin leadscrew configurations. The closure is quick release with simple operation by one operator and it does not require retightening during service use. The Vector Powerlok clamps are fully supported by the rear hub mounting plate and are configured to suit horizontal and vertical applications in sizes from 2” -36”. 

Pressure ratings cover ANSI 150-4500 classes as standard. A complete range of API closures for API 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000psi and design temperatures -46°C to 177°C are also available.

  • Doublelok Interlock

    The Vector Powerlok Doublelok interlock system provides 100% leadscrew redundancy in the closure as stipulated in the ASME design codes. The closure can be easily and safely opened once the pressure check bleed screw has been used to check the line pressure and the interlock removed.

  • Twin Leadscrew Vector Powerlok

    Twin leadscrew powerloks offer an alternative to single leadscrew powerloks for larger Powerlok closures . The twin leadscrews assist in providing consistent and even clamping force around the full circumference of larger diameter hubs. The leadscrews can be operated with torque tools, hydraulic or electric motors.

  • Vector Powerlok 2-12"

    A range of compact remote connectors that can be used either as a pipe connector or end closure. Utilising the robust Vector Techlok seal for metal to metal sealing these connector / closures are very popular for use not only in the field as smaller sized launcher closures but also in laboratory applications where convenient and frequent opening of vessels is required. Options such as davits,hinges and interlocks are available.

  • Pressure energized sealing

    The Vector Techlok sealring offers several advantages over conventional gaskets types; for example, the gasket forces and seal diameter are minimal, enabling the load capacity of the components to be maximized, and the lack of a conventional flange gasket gives a gas-tight
    metal-to-metal seal.

    Vector Techlok Sealrings

  • Available options

    • Interlocks with integrated pressure check bleed screw.
    • Bleed valves and pressure gauges.
    • Hinges, davits or lift eyes for horizontal or vertical door opening.
    • Seal retention in the blind door to minimize the risk of seal damage when the door is opened during service.
    • Leadscrew torque reaction points, drive buckets or motorized options.


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