Unitized Seal-Lok

Unitized Seal-Lok

Patented Bi-directional Seal

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies' patented Unitized bi-directional seal is a proven sealing solution, particularly suited for extreme HPHT applications The compact design requires less space than traditional seal stacks, and the mechanically locked design reduces error in installation. The engineered modular design features of the Unitized™ Seal, combined with suitable materials that are compatible to a broad range of well bore and surface conditions, results in a customized and economically equivalent sealing solution that replaces your typical multicomponent seal stacks and bonded seals found within downhole tool and completions technologies.

Product Features:

  • Inter-Locking, compact, one piece design
  • Symmetrical bi-directional sealing
  • Customizable materials fit for your application
  • Available in wide range of sizes & cross-sections


  • Easy & efficient to install
  • Eliminates mis-assembling of multi-ring seal stacks
  • Bi-directional design for error-free installation
  • Reduced co-efficient of friction - Minimizes forces required to assemble or function tools
  • Maintains form, fit & function when passing over ports under pressure
  • Machined design eliminates upfront tooling costs

  • Product Design

    • Cross Section sizes range from .109" to .500"
    • Minimum Inside Diameter > 1.000"
    • Maximum Outside Diameter < 36.00"
    • Minimum Overall Length starting at .875"

    Proven Design

    • Temperature Tested up to 600F
    • Pressure Tested to 15,000 PSI


    Product Validation Testing

    The Unitized Seal-Lok has been tested up to 600° F, and pressures to 15,000 psi per ISO14310, V0 specification. Copies of the following test reports are available upon request:

    • Tested to 10,000 PSI @ 325F
    • Tested to 15,000 PSI @ 325F
    • Tested to 3,000 PSI @ 600F


The Unitized Seal-Lok is designed for applications where traditional multi-component type seal stacks and bonded seals are currently used within HPHT applications including:

  • Sliding Sleeves
  • Liner Hanger Seal
  • Frac Port Tools
  • Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR)
  • Tie Back Receptacles (TBR)
  • Safety Valves
  • Completion Packers
  • Materials
  • Downloads

Customizable solution to be either Elastomer-free incorporating advanced thermoplastic and metal components, or can be designed to utilize elastomeric components for low temperature applications.

Available downloads:

  • Unitized Seal-Lok

    English V-2-2016 available DOWNLOAD


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