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Our 7 1/16" 5K API-16A Certified Annular is Ready for Your Next Project

Our 7 1/16

Announcing: A new 7 1/16" 5K API-16A monogrammed annular packing unit has joined our WellProtek® family of products!


As with all annular sizes offered within our WellProtek® product line, the new 7 1/16" 5K annular utilizes FOGT's proprietary elastomer compounds and is qualified to EGA temperature ratings according to API-16A and API-16AR temperature classification requirements. The new element was designed, tested, and is manufactured in our Q1 and API-16A accredited facility in Houston, Texas.

All rigorous qualification tests were performed to API-16A 4th edition requirements, and include but were not limited to:

✓  High Tempe7 1 16th 5k WellProtekrature
✓  Low Temperature
✓  Fatigue Testing
✓  Strip Testing

Our WellProtek® monogrammed annular products utilize proprietary elastomers that are designed and certified to meet the needs of our customers. “As drilling industry demands increase, we will continue to add to our product portfolio to meet the requirements of our customers and support the application environments they work within," says Robert Costolnick, Manager of Pressure Control Products Sales.


Our WellProtek® monogrammed annular elements meet 16A and 16AR standards. We also offer API-16A tested and temperature-rated Ram style products and seal kits.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies (FO&GT) is a leading independent supplier of sealing components to the global drilling market.

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