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    The FO&GT HX sealrings are a patent pending innovation which allows for much more reliable connection than a traditional crushed gasket. The FO&GT HX sealrings can fit into an ASME or API flange groove and replace the crushed gasket.

    Using an FO&GT HX sealring will create a static connection, hence increasing reliability, increase your capacity for external loading, it will exponentially decrease the users fugitive emissions and unlike a crushed gasket, the FO&GT HX sealring is reusable.

    Note: Performance based on FO&GT internal testing

    Features & Benefits

    • Reduce fugitive emissions of the flange vs. use of metal gasket connection based on patent-pending pressure energized seal design
    • Re-usability (condition dependent) of sealring
    • No modification to ASME or ANSI flanges needed, sealring fits standard RX or BX groove
    • Low sealring setting force (circa 5% of bolt pre-tension) reduces likelihood of seal groove damage during makeup
    • Pressure rated up to 15,000 psi

    • Temperatures range from –50°C to 250°C (contact FO&GT about higher or lower temperatures)

    Gaskets Used FOGT Equivalent Sealrings
    b HX-B
    bx HX-BX
    r HX-R
    rx HX-RX


    Example: For a BX 152 Gasket please request a HX-BX 152 FO&GT SEALRING

    Fugitive Emissions


    What Can We Do About It?

    • FO&GT saw an opportunity to develop and test a sealring that could fit into an existing API flange and would reduce fugitive emissions through petter sealing
    • We compared leak rates between standard API 6A and ASME flange connector and seal rine with the FO&GT Techlok® and Flangelok® connectors with our proprietary HX-BX sealring
    • Due to the high volume of connectors at a facility, the cost to replace just the sealring with an FO&GT sealring is more cost effective than replacing the complete connector
    • Testing proved our proprietary design is an API qualified metal-to-metal seal that prevents both internal and external leakage of fluids and gases

    Fugitive Emissions Testing Results


    Industry BX Sealring vs. FO&GT HX-BX Sealring

    • We tested our proprietary Vector® HX-BX metal sealring inside an API 6A Flange to assess whether it would perform better than the APl industry standard BX155 sealring
    • Note the significant drop in emission leakage on our HX-BX sealring
    • The FO&GT HX-BX sealring reduced emissions by 99.97%

    Global Impact

    HX-BX _ HX-R Global Impact

    99.9% Emission Reduction tagline-revBased on our test results, if a theoretical quantity of industry standard flanges produced 1,000Kg of CO2, emissions could be reduced to 0.15Kg using our HX-BX sealring.

    Under the test conditions used and the product chosen for comparison, the leak rates for FO&GT metal sealrings are significantly lower than international standards for industrial valves and spiral wound gaskets.

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