Vector Techlok Sealring Types


  • Reduced seal diameters and seating forces
  • Designed for compact connectors, maximising load capacity of pressure equipment
  • Leak-free connections – gas-tight metal-to-metal seal
  • Pressure energized seal – assures joint integrity even at extreme pressures
  • High strength materials – promotes sealring re-usability
  • All sealrings meet NACE hardness limits

  • Vector Techlok Sealring

    • Assured joint integrity first time - every time
    • The gasket forces and seal diameter are minimal, meaning that the load capacity of components is maximised
    • Leak-free connections – gas-tight metal-to-metal seal
    • The proven reliability of the pressure-energised bore seal makes Vector Techlok connectors compact and up to 75% lighter than comparably rated
    • The lack of a conventional flange gasket gives a gas-tight metal-to-metal seal
    • All sealrings meet NACE hardness limits

  • Transitional Sealring

    Designed to accommodate specification breaks of similar nominal pipe sizes i.e. 6in 46 matching to 6in 52 would utilise a transition seal size 46/52

  • Blind Sealring

    • Blind sealrings are an effective way of blanking-off pipe runs, particularly during construction work-over
    • Designed as an auxillary pressure isolation device and should only be used in conjunction with other isolation equipment, e.g. valves
    • Blinds are marked with a ‘max working pressure’.
    • Smaller sizes can usually take full line pressure
    • Available also with Dur-O-Seal option
    • Can be provided with indicator flags
    • Blind sealrings are not recommended for permanent installation or for cyclic loading

  • D-Seal

    • All Techlok clamps are compatible with D-seal hub connectors
    • Available in all sizes and are incorporated into Vector Analysis software for full load evaluation.
    • D-seals provide an optional low profile sealing system within the standard Techlok hub geometry providing full face-to-face contact between hubs.
    • D-seal connectors provide slightly higher load capacities and are compatible with other existing designs.
    • Full Pressure-Temperature tables are available for the Techlok D-seal connector range.

  • Duoseal

    • For use in depths up to and exceeding 13,125ft (4,000m)
    • Subsea - bi-directional pressure energised sealing system
    • Can be used as integral part of the Vector Optima subsea connectorVector Techlok clamp connector, or other licensed manufactures’ product
    • Field proven up to NPS 36” and qualified at pressures up to 20,000psi
    • Provides internal and external pressure integrity
    • Spring retention : Sealring can be removed/replaced by ROV
    • Capibility to monitor leaks for critical services
    • Interspace between inner and outer seals facilities backseal test to provide proof of seal integrity at point of installation
    • High grade forged nickel alloys for subsea service
    • Re-useable seal with appropriate care and attention

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  • RIT Ring

    • Designed to save time and ensure seal integrity in place of a line leak test
    • The seal works by testing the lips of the Techlok sealring in the 'wrong direction', an extremely rigorous procedure which verifies the integrity of the seal

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  • Orifice Sealring

    • Used in conjunction with Vector Techlok Orifice connectors
    • Can be supplied as one piece or two piece assemblies (such as replacement orifice)
    • Can be supplied for flow measurement or as a restriction orifice
    • Sizing calculations can be supplied
    • Available for all sizes of Techlok sealrings
    Orifice Connector type 2

  • Strainer

    • Bespoke Vector Techlok Sealrings, designed and manufactured to the clients own specification
    • During start-up phases, these can be used to protect high value equipment such as valves, pumps and compressors.
    • Can be manufactured in any traditional material associated with the Vector Techlok sealring
    Strainer : Alternative design

Important notice on Techlok sealring colour coding

As from the 1st February 2011, the new colour coding will apply. All Techlok sealrings will be coated black irrespective of the material grade. This change has become necessary to ensure that materials are not mixed up due to colour confusion in the market place.

By removing all colour coding, it will now become mandatory that all users shall formally identify the sealring material grade by inspecting the marking data which is hard stamped on the parts.
Whilst the formal marking data has always been present, there is evidence that “casual” identification using the colour has become accepted in the marketplace, this has led to confusion as not all suppliers have followed the original colour coding.

There is also evidence that colour coding has been ignored resulting in incorrect materials being fitted. During the transition period we will be ensuring that this change is well highlighted in our packaging, and other measures will be adopted to improve clarity of the marking and understanding of the material selection.


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