Vector SPO Compact Flange - Sealring Types


  • Reduced seal diameters and seating forces
  • Designed for compact connectors, maximising load capacity of pressure equipment
  • Leak-free connections – gas-tight metal-to-metal seal
  • Pressure energised seal – assures joint integrity even at extreme pressures
  • High strength materials – promotes sealring re-usability
  • All sealrings meet NACE hardness limits

  • Vector SPO IX Sealring

    • The IX Sealring is an elastic seal energised by radial deformation caused by the wedging action of the seal groove.
    • Pressure energised when subjected to internal pressure, no limit on internal pressure capacity. 
    • The IX sealring has external pressure capacity however we would recommend the use of HX sealrings for subsea use. 
    • The shape and the design of the IX Sealring give the flange very good aligning and hence relatively large misalignments can be accommodated. 
    • Only one ring size per nominal flange size, independent of pressure class. 
    • Seals are stocked in Duplex and Carbon Steel materials.

  • Vector SPO HX Sealring

    • Elastic seal, which is energised by the deformation of the seal  flanges towards the seal centreline. This deformation is governed by the groove and seal geometries.
    • The seal will be pressure energised when subjected to pressure either from the inside or the outside.
    • The HX seal works equally well both directions and is therefore the best choice when also large external pressures can occur (recommended for subsea use).
    • A robust seal used in the most demanding applications.
    • No practical limit for pressure that can be taken.


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