Subsea PLR Systems

Subsea PLR Systems

Subsea Pig Launcher & Receiver systems

The Subsea Pig Launcher Receiver (SPLR) is a system that has been designed and developed to launch individual cleaning pigs and receive an intelligent pig.

The SPLR is pressurized by installation of a flexible jumper from the PLET to the SPLR Female Receptacle which are all installed by ROV. 

SPLR’s use Optima Subsea Connectors for both connection to the subsea structure and also the end closure for removing / installing the pigs. The length of the barrel and its design can be tailored to suit the pigs being used, from simple gauging / cleaning pigs to intelligent pigs for pipeline inspection.

  • Cascade Chinook Project – GOM

    The SPLR was designed to be lowered onto a PLET with a pre-installed Optima Connector End Closure. The Blind Door would be opened and the SPLR would stroke into the mating Hub through a mechanical drive operated by a standard ROV torque tool. The weight of the SPLR will be supported by the PLET and also a support foot at the back of the assembly.

    The foot has been designed to rotate to allow for uneven sea bed conditions that can also be adjusted in height by ROV to ensure correct alignment during stroke in operation. The assembly consists of 10-off 2in Subsea Ball valves and also a panel to carry out Back Seal Testing after connection to the PLET, prior to pigging operation. Pig loading and removal is carried out by removing a sliding leg assembly and Techlok Clamp allowing for a very quick and efficient change-out. 

  • Hejre Project - North Sea

    FOGT supplied a 12in SPLR which was used to launch up to five cleaning pigs and receive an intelligent pig of length 4.2m for a gas pipeline. The Hejre field is located approximately 5 km south of the border between the Norwegian and Danish sectors of the North Sea in approximately 85m of water depth. 

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