Vector Optima Subsea Connector

Vector Optima Subsea Connector

Simple connection. First time ... every time !

The Vector Optima® subsea connector has been developed in collaboration with some of the industry’s major operators. By taking into account the Clients need for operational simplicity, the Vector Optima® subsea connector has been developed with minimal parts and complexity. This ensures clamp connector make-up times are kept to a minimum.

Innovation is at the very heart of the Vector Optima® subsea connector. It is capable of engaging a hub with an angular misalignment of up to 5° or an axial misalignment of 50mm - whichever is the lesser.

Its revolutionary Vector Duoseal™ technology provides a pressure energized inner seal to seal the pipe medium AND a second pressure energized outer seal to seal against sea water. An annulus test port is readily accessible by ROV to confirm seal integrity as well as providing a detection method for leakage throughout the connector’s life time. The hubs protect the seal ring from accidental damage during installation whilst both the mass and space envelope are kept to a minimum, ensuring the Vector Optima® subsea connector is both efficient and compact.


  • Vector Duoseal™ technology

    double pressure energized metal-to-metal sealing to prevent internal or external leakage.

  • Rapid deployment

    3-piece clamp c/w single leadscrew.

  • Unique angular and radial alignment capacity

    male / female hub profiles ensure accurate alignment during assembly.

  • Engineered for remote operation without special installation tooling

More Benefits

  • Developed in close collaboration with some of the industry's major operators

  • Proven Technology, in use in the North Sea since 2000

  • Simple and efficient design

    reduces initial cost & installation time

  • Greater operational efficiency

  • Annular backseal test capability

    qualifies joint at point of assembly

  • Hubs available in a wide range of material grades

  • Fully FAT tested

    all components of the Vector Optima® connector are fully FAT tested

  • Corrosion resistant alloy weld overlaid seats

    for extended subsea life (standard supply)


Design Principles

  • The Vector Optima ® subsea connector offers increased efficiency from installation to removal

    • Standard API 17D & special ROV interfacing
    • Simple & efficient design
    • Quick connect / disconnect
    • External load capability and pull-in capacity
    • Visual confirmation when open or closed
    • Duoseal™ sealring retained within male hub : ROV removable
    • Bi-directional seal + backseal integrity test
    • Optima® clamp can be rotated around hub : easy ROV access
    • Available in sizes from 2” - 36” NPS
    • Qualified up to 15,000psi
    • Qualification tested to 13,125ft (4,000m) water depth (temp. range -50°C up to +150°C)
    • Available in all material specifications for subsea service

  • The ONLY dual acting metal-to-metal seal in the subsea connector world !

    The advanced Vector Duoseal™ system is both effective and highly flexible. The seal ring can be installed, removed and replaced remotely. An external test port also allows for a Reverse Integrity Test to be conducted. The complete connector is removable from the hubs by ROV and there is also an allowance for a contingency seal option to be deployed in case of failure or seat damage. Duoseals have been qualified delivered for 15,000psi applications up to 34” inside diameter.

    Vector Duoseal

  • Hub Misalignment Capability

    • Angular misalignment up to 5° or 50mm axial hub separation
    • Male-female configuration controls misalignment
    • Accurate radial misalignment provided by male-female hub
    • Radiused profile of male hub prevents binding during makeup
    • Angular and radial misalignment controlled to prevent any damage to sealing surfaces during make-up

  • Additional Subsea Services

    Design Engineering:

    • FEA, in-house assessments to recognized codes
    • Full 3D CAD (solidworks) & CAM

    Interface Engineering:

    • Equipment & ROV interfacing
    • 3D models exported to client’s requirements
    • Prototype testing • Rapid prototyping Offshore / Site Assistance
    • Qualified / experienced engineer support


    • Wide range of manufacturing facilities to suit client requirements
    • Special forged products, blocks, tees, hooks, anchor flanges, stress joints etc.
  • Downloads

Available downloads:

  • Vector Optima - General Brochure

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD
  • Subsea Tools

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD
  • Subsea Fabrications

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD
  • Subsea Pig Launchers & Receivers

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD
  • Duoseal - General Flyer

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD


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