LUCIUS - Diverless Riser Installation

Safer, Faster, More Cost Effective

As part of Anadarko’s initiative to remove saturation diving from the Lucius and Heidelberg SPAR installations, Freudenberg Oil and Gas Technologies was selected to deliver an industry first diverless pulling head and riser installation tool.

Working together with Anadarko, FO&GT developed an innovative solution which significantly reduced the export riser installation time, safety risk, and overall riser installation costs.

  • Innovative diverless pulling head & riser installation tool

    The equipment supplied consisted of two ROV operated pulling heads,and four Optima® vertical connection systems attached to two tie-in spools. The pulling heads were used to lift the export risers into their hang-off baskets, and were then detached by an ROV. The hull-piping spool was then lowered into place and installed with the Optima vertical connection systems.

    The method and equipment used to install the Lucius export risers represents a significant improvement from previous manual installations, and offers a great example of how Freudenberg innovates together with their clients.


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