Vector Large Closures

Vector Large Closures

Large Opening and Hyperbaric Closures

The opening speed of any pressure test chamber or vessel with short service times is a major consideration when choosing the method of closure. A considerable part of the test cycles can be absorbed with the opening and closing of the vessel .

Combinations of high pressure and large diameter vessels can make bolted closures unsuitable as the bolt size requirement becomes too great for the flange. Closures that utilize bolts have very large heavy nuts that are very time consuming and awkward to remove and install.

Based on the experience of our successful Vector  Powerlok range, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies' large closures utilises the experience of current clamp based technology combined with simple and cost effective rubber seals. FO&GT is capable of supplying high pressure quick opening closures for large diameters up to 100”ID. FO&GT can also supply the test vessel if the customer requires full supply.

  • From concept through installation

    Each vessel installation is a custom design to the customer's requirements for pressure rating, orientation and operational requirements. Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies will work with the customer and end user and supply concepts so that the correct design is achieved. FO&GT can also provide full project supply including the pressure vessel, and hydraulic systems to power the hydraulic closure motors. 

    FO&GT can also supply fabricated structures such as dome hub parking stands to allow internal dome and seal surface inspection to be carried out safely.
    Picture:   72in ID 6000psi WP Vessel Concept

  • Pressure Energized Sealing

    Simple cost effective rubber seals for easy consumable supply and quick turnaround of closure opening and closing cycle. Our extensive FEA development into pressure energized seal carriers allows cost effective seals to be used for high pressure applications.

    The seals are manufactured from standard nitrile rubber and the seal carriers are removable for easy maintenance

  • RIT Testing Ports

    Often it can take many hours to fill a pressure vessel with the test media. FO&GT recommends that all closures are supplied with RIT testing ports. RIT testing allows the end user to check the validity of the seals before the vessel is filled.

    RIT testing is a simple operation where test fluid or gas is applied between the rubber seals at a set test pressure.

    The pressure is held over several minutes to ensure there is no pressure drop. If a pressure drop occurs a leak path is present and the seals should be re-inspected or replaced.

    More info RIT Testing


  • Powerlok Large Structural Clamps

    Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies has designed Powerlok to provide strong and robust structural clamps to subsea and topside structures that require a remote operated high load structural connection.

    Clamp actuation can be controlled using lead screws and hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders.


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