High Integrity Subsea Connectors

Reduced installation time, dual sealing reliability

The Vector Optima subsea connector has been developed in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading offshore operators. By using the latest FEA techniques and undertaking extensive research into the future of the exploration and production industry, Optima makes the perfect ROV connector. Innovation is at the very heart of the Optima Connector. It is capable of engaging around a hub with an angular misalignment of 5° or an axial misalignment of 50mm - whichever is the lesser. Its revolutionary Vector Duoseal technology provides a pressure energized inner seal to seal the pipe contents AND a second pressure energized outer seal to seal against the sea water. Furthermore an annulus test port is readily accessible by ROV to confirm seal integrity as well as providing a detection method for leakage throughout the connector’s life time. The hubs protect the sealring from accidental damage during installation while both the mass and space envelope are kept to a minimum, ensuring the Vector Optima subsea connector is both efficient and compact.



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