High Integrity Ball Joints

Dependability with flexibility

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies innovative, high pressure, high temperature dynamic BlueSky pipe joints are an effective solution providing piping systems with the required flexibility to compensate for thermal growth, vibration, or motion of equipment in the piping system.

They are designed to ASME’s codes and standards to reduce pipe stress in systems that develop high bending loads due to thermal and/or mechanical movement. Applications include use in oil extraction systems using thermal processes such as SAGD, cyclic steam, THAI, and SAP. Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies’ BlueSky flexible piping connectors provide reliable service in the most severe applications.


  • Modular Design

    Spool configurations use a combination of our modular products depending on the application needs. Products include the BlueLock, RotaPipe, FlexBall, and AlignLock. The spool configuration can be pre-assembled off-site and hydro-tested, then shipped to the field; saving the operator time and money.


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