Custom Thermoplastic Solutions

Custom Thermoplastic Solutions

Complete Solutions for Demanding Applications & Environments

Our experienced team of applications engineers, design engineers, sales, and material scientist will work with you to develop solutions for your sealing needs.

  • In-house billet manufacturing from 1” to 8”
  • Large range of tool capabilities to machine intricate components and large diameter parts from 1” to 60"
  • FEA design analysis and Precision prototyping of production parts
  • CNC Lathe, Tool Centers and CAD/CAM capabilities
  • CMM inspection capabilities
  • Kitting and custom packaging of seal components

  • Highlights

    • In-house molding of Tetrex PEEK and PTFE billets
    • Unitized Seal-Lok™ proprietary bi-directional seal for HPHT applications
    • Engineer-Designed Sealing Solutions
    • Custom Solutions and Prototyping Parts utilizing proprietary FO&GT materials
    • Seal Stacks and Back Up rings
  • Materials
  • Downloads

Custom and standard solutions are available in a wide range of high-performance plastics, including:

Full range of materials include:

  • Tetrex® Virgin PEEK and PEEK custom blends
  • Virgin PTFE and PTFE custom blends
  • Ryton
  • Orkot
  • PPS

Available downloads:

  • FOGT - Overview Brochure

    English V-2-2016 available DOWNLOAD


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