Vector SPO CF for Riser Applications

Intro - SPO CF Risers

The most appropriate connector for riser applications

The Vector SPO® Compact Flange is a 100% static connection thanks to its metal-to-metal sealing system and bevelled flange face. Vector SPO® Compact Flanges are designed to be stronger than the pipe they are connected to (have better fatigue properties than the actual weld to the piping) and are a significantly smaller and lighter alternative to the ASME flanges.

They are considered the most appropriate connector type for risers. The Vector SPO® CF is the only flange meeting the strict design requirements in DNV-OS-F201 (Dynamic Risers) and ISO 13628-7.

A reliability evaluation report from DNV (DNV report 12FQG2F-6) concludes that the SPO® CF is considered amongst the best welded connections with respect to leakage probability.

SPO Compact Flanges on Snorre A TLP

SPO® Compact Flanges on Snorre A TLP

The Vector SPO® Compact Flange was the preferred connector for production and export risers for the Snorre A TLP.

Riser installation started in 1991 and in total 1100 Vector SPO® flanges have been installed on the risers for this platform.

Sizes: 9 5/8” and 10 3/4”. Each riser consists of 23 sections and HX sealrings were used.

Statoil Volve Field

Statoil Volve Field

Statoil and main contractor Aker Solutions selected Vector SPO® CF for the risers on the Volve field.

Each riser comprises of 8 sections – all joined using SPO® Compact Flanges with IX sealrings

Vector SPO® Compact flanges for flexible flowlines risers

Vector SPO® Compact flanges for flexible flowlines risers

The first use of Vector SPO® Compact flanges on flexible flowlines and risers dates from the early 1990’s, when they were installed on Saga’s Snorre A and Hydro’s Troll B project.

Since then, compact flanges have been frequently used both on flexible risers and flexible flowlines.

Vector SPO® CF is the end connection preferred by the world leaders within the field of flexible pipe and risers.


Vector SPO® Compact flanges used for titanium stress joints (RTI)

RTI Energy Systems, Inc is the world leader in design and supply of state of the art deep water and ultra-deep water riser titanium stress joints.

RTI and Vector (SPO®) , now Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies, have partnered on many projects since the mid 1990’s.

State of the art flanges used in combination with state of the art riser technology showcase Vector SPO® CF as one of the most reliable flanges on the market today.

RTI - Energy



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