Vector SPO-S Compact Flange

Vector SPO-S Compact Flange

Offering the most comprehensive range of bolted connectors for subsea applications

With the introduction of the 5K, 10K and 15K Vector SPO® Compact Flange standards, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies (FO&GT) now offers a comprehensive range of bolted pipeline connectors for all recognized subsea piping applications.

These additions to the already extensive Vector SPO® range ensure that FO&GT is more than capable of meeting the diverse requirements of all our clients.

The SPO-S CF range offers an alternative that engineers have been waiting for and represents the ideal choice on an even greater variety of subsea applications.

  • What makes the Vector SPOŽ Compact Flange ideal for subsea piping applications?

    SPO-S CF offers all of the following advantages over API flanges for your subsea piping system.


    • High pressure flanges for subsea ASME B31.3 piping systems
      SPO Compact Flanges are designed to suit standard ASME B36.10M nominal pipe size’s, therefore, eliminating the necessity to incorporate tapers through the length of the flange to match bore the corresponding pipe.
    • Flush bore
      Reducing the likelihood of flow disturbance / flow irregularities whilst also offering ideal conditions for your pigging processes, a requirement of DNV-OS-F201.
    • Exceptional fatigue characteristics
      SPO Compact Flanges possess superior fatigue properties than both API and ASME flanges. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing confirms that the SPO compact flange fatigue properties exceed those of the weld adjoining the corresponding pipe.
    • Static bolted pipeline connection
      Loads are transferred via metal to metal contact points between the flange faces so as to completely eliminate the potential for movement between the assembled SPO Compact Flanges whilst under dynamic loading.
    • High integrity sealing
      SPO Compact Flanges incorporate two independent metal to metal sealing mechanisms. The seal ring is a non-load carrying seal which is unaffected by flanges loads, a requirement of DNV-OS-F201.
    • Limited leakage probability
      SPO Compact Flanges possess equivalent integrity to a girth welded pipe joint from a leakage probability perspective.
    • Swivel ring flanges
      SPO Compact Flanges are DNV type approval qualified and available in swivel design for all sizes listed within each pressure class.
    • Reduced size and weight envelope
      SPO Compact Flanges are both smaller and lighter than conventional API and ASME flanges, including swivel ring flanges.

  • HX profile seal ring

    The HX profile seal ring, a bi-directional seal ring recommended for use with SPO® Compact Flanges for subsea piping applications, is an elastic seal ring which is energized by the deformation of the seal flanges towards the seal centre line.

    This deformation is governed by the groove and seal geometries. In addition, the seal will become pressure energized when subjected to either internal line pressure or external hyperbaric pressure.

    The shape and design of the HX profile seat and seal ring arrangement is ideal for flange alignment and can also compensate for flange misalignment.

    More info HX Sealring

  • High Integrity Subsea Sealing

    Primary seal : HX seal ring arrangement – A metal to metal bi-directional interference fit seal ring, sealing on 4 areas, qualified for water depths up to and including 10,000 feet.

    Secondary seal : Heel seal – A proven gas tight seal that protects the primary sealing mechanism, the HX seal ring arrangement, from corrosion arising from direct contact with the production medium.

    Environmental seal : A non-pressure carrying seal which prevents the circulation of seawater into the flange bolt circle, therefore, eliminating the potential for corrosion arising post installation. 

  • Vector SPOŽ Compact Flanges are most commonly found on:

    • Subsea production flowlines
    • Subsea gas-lift and water injection flowlines
    • Subsea metering equipment
    • Subsea valves, pumps and compressors
    • Flexible and rigid risers
    • Christmas tree equipment

  • Vector SPOŽ Compact Swivel Ring Assemblies

    Available in nominal pipe sizes from ½” NPS through to 24”NPS for pressure classes 5K, 7.5K, 10K and 15K, SPO-S CF swivel ring flange assemblies are ideal for dynamic load applications such as flexible risers and subsea tie-in spools, guaranteeing no fatigue issues, whilst also meeting with the design and functional code requirements of both DNV-OS-F201 Section 6 and ISO 13628-7.

    Unlike API17D swivel ring assemblies, SPO-S CF swivel ring assemblies have reliable, readily available, external load capacities which are calculated at approximately 66% flange utilization, to help assist simplify the flange selection process. 

    SPO-S CF swivel ring flanges also adhere to lower minimum material strength requirements than API 6A / API 17D flanges, achieving 10K pressure rating for 52ksi yield strength materials and 15K pressure rating for 60ksi yield strength materials.

  • SPO-S CF vs API Bending Capacity

Differences between SPO-S Compact Flange and standard Compact Flange

  • Downloads

Available downloads:

  • SPO-S CF for subsea applications

    English V003-01-2014 available DOWNLOAD


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