Vector Techlok Clamp Connector

Vector Techlok Clamp Connector

Save weight, space, time and money

Vector Techlok® clamp connectors are one of the most effective and economical pipe connection systems available today. Typically, several Vector Techlok® joints can be installed in the time it takes to assemble a single standard ANSI or API flange. Conventional flanges are assembled with up to 24 bolts (with a greater bolt torque) compared to the 4 bolts with the Techlok® connector.

External loadings are an inevitable part of any piping system, resulting in high stresses being placed on pipe joints. Independent strain gauges and destructive tests have shown the Vector Techlok® connector can withstand considerable bending moments and axial forces under pressure without leaking or the bolts becoming loose, greatly reducing maintenance costs at the same time as being highly beneficial to the environment. 

High pressure systems are not a problem, with Vector Techlok® clamp connectors working in applications where pressures up to 60,000psi are found. For offshore applications, where topside loading is critical, Techlok’s low weight is a significant advantage, a factor applicable in any industry where weight and overall installation cost is a consideration.


  • Size & Weight

    Up to 75% lighter and significantly smaller than a comparable ANSI or API flange. More info

  • 360° Orientation

    Radial bolting on our clamp connector allows 360° orientation around the pipe

  • Less Bolting, No Alignment

    Only 4 bolts to tighten rather than up to 24 on a conventional flange, with no bolt holes to align

  • Minimize Maintenance Downtime

    Much quicker make-up and release time

More Benefits

  • Leak free:reduce emissions

    A proven track record of gas tight leak free operation when correctly installed. The pressure energized bore seal withstands temperature and load variations, which ultimately can cause conventional flanges to leak.

  • Lower bolt torque

    Typically 50% less than that for a ring joint flange. Sealing integrity is as well unaffected by over-tensioning bolts.

  • Reusable sealrings 

    Unlike spiral-wound gaskets, the Vector Techlok clamp connector makes use of a reusable metal sealring giving greater flexibility for hydro-testing and commissioning prior to service

  • Support/Interface with 3rd party equipment

    Such as valves, pumps and metering equipment.

  • The preferred solution

    Where space, weight and joint integrity are critical.

Vector Techlok® vs ASME

Design Principles

  • Pressure Energized, Metal-to-Metal Sealing

    The heart of Techlok's success is the pressure energized seal. Vector Techlok® clamp connectors do not rely on the conventional flange gaskets and correctly tensioned bolts to maintain the integrity of the seal.

    The four basic elements of the Vector Techlok® clamp connector are hubs, sealring, clamps and bolting. When bolting the assembly, the hubs are drawn together by the twin wedge action of the two clamp segments compressing on the sealring to make the first-stage self-energizing seal.

    Sealring types

  • Strong, reliable compact connection

    In service the sealring becomes evven more effective as internal pressure reinforce the metal-to-metal seal to the extent theat its strength can normally exceed the burst pressure of the connection pipe.The applied bolting loads are transmitted to the clamps through almost 360° contact with the hubs; As the bolts are transversely mounted they are almost completely isolated from the operating loads, resulting in a strong, reliable yet compact connection.

  • Assured joint integrity

    • Type approval testing

      The Techlok range of connectors has been subjected to extensive strain gauge and destructive testing under independent conditions, both in-house and at recognized test centers.Following combined pressure and external load type testing,full type approval has been awarded by Bureau Veritas.

    • External bending forces

      Both bending and axial force have no impact on the pressure energization of the Vector Techlok metal-to-metal seal, in contrast with conventional flange connections.

    • Design Codes and Regulations

      Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is able to design clamp connection in compliance with a range of international codes and standards including ASME B31.3, ASME VIII Div 2 part 5, PD5500,PED, Norsok, as well as to any special customer requirements.

  • Downloads
  • Materials

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  • Techlok - Technical brochure

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  • Techlok - Product Range

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  • Reverse Integrity Testing

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  • Techlok - Assembly-Disassembly Guide

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  • Techlok - Assembly-Disassembly Guide

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  • Techlok - Assembly-Disassembly Guide

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  • Techlok - Assembly-Disassembly Guide

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  • Techlok - Assembly-Disassembly Guide

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